Workshop Options

1. Full-Day Introductory Workshop

Is designed to get teachers new to the DBQ pedagogy excited about the process. It is also reinvigorating for those teachers already steeped in DBQ experience. Includes an overview of The DBQ Project 6-Step Method where teachers go through all the steps in a lively, interactive session. Emphasizes the elements of a powerful DBQ essay and introduces teachers to writing supports they can use to promote strong, evidence-based writing. Participants also spend time analyzing student work and norming student essays using our DBQ Project rubric.

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2. Introductory Workshop Plus Follow-up

Our Introductory Workshop Plus Follow-up provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to be trained in The DBQ Project Method, try out the curriculum in their classrooms, and return to discuss their experience.

Day One: This Introductory day is identical to Option 1. Teachers leave Day One committed to teaching a DBQ or Mini-Q with their students prior to the follow-up date.

Follow-up Day: Several weeks after the Introductory Workshop, the Follow-up Day allows teachers to discuss and examine student work from their own classes. Not only are teachers developing a district-wide DBQ standard in these discussions, they gain a great deal of knowledge on how to modify the units to meet the needs of their own students.

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3. Coaching Cohort Series

The DBQ Project Cohort Workshops allow districts to develop their own coaching cohort. This group of teachers can then instruct and support their colleagues in The DBQ Project Method. This usually involves a series of workshops and is a minimum year-long commitment. It includes the Introductory Workshop and several follow-up sessions. The ongoing professional development approach ensures that teachers deeply internalize the method and become powerful and effective teacher leaders.

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