About The DBQ Project

The DBQ Project was founded in 2000 to support teachers and students in learning to read smart, think straight, and write more clearly. As teachers, we believe all students can develop high-level critical thinking skills if they have consistent instruction and a chance to practice. We also believe that when we provide teachers with materials that blend educational best practices  and content-specific questions, we promote and support transformational change in our schools.

Why DBQ?

Our professional development workshops and materials have transformed the way school districts across the U.S. comply with state and national standards in language arts and social studies classrooms. Hear supervisors, teachers and students talk about the results they have seen by using our DBQs and LBQs.


Supervisors like The DBQ Project because our lessons increase student engagement and address both content and literacy standards. The DBQ Project supports teachers.


Teachers like The DBQ Project because our lessons help differentiate instruction and have support materials for both teachers and students. We help teachers support their students.


Students Like The DBQ Project because our questions are interesting and challenging. When they complete a DBQ, they have a sense of accomplishment that comes from doing authentic and demanding work.

“You did a training about 2 weeks ago that I attended. OH MY!  I love DBQ's!  I have to say that I seriously had the best day teaching ever! The kids were totally engaged and on task.  Even the kids who "check out" were spot on. If anyone ever questions 5th graders being able to do this (with scaffolding), they are wrong!  I want to copy and paste this day! I am so inspired!”

– Kim Voge, Teacher, Yorba Linda, CA