Videos About The DBQ Project

Testimonials: NCSS 2023

Check out this video to see why these educators DBQ.

2023 DBQ National Summit

Thanks a bunch to our DBQ Partners who attended the 2023 National Summit! Take a moment to enjoy this recap video.

One District’s Journey with DBQ Online

Watch how Chandler USD, AZ, uses DBQ Online to scaffold the learning and provide feedback and growth opportunities for their students.

DBQ & You

Check out these Detroit teachers and what they have to say about how awesome DBQ is!

Dust Bowl, Dust Up!

At The DBQ Project, we believe that students of all ages and levels can engage in inquiry-based learning! Hear what these 4th grade students have to say about “What Caused the Dust Bowl?”

DBQ Online

Take 5-minutes to see the features of the DBQ Online Platform.

What is the DBQ Project?

Watch this 4-minute overview to learn why so many districts turn to The DBQ Project for support.

What Do Students Say About The DBQ Project?

Listen to what students say about how The DBQ Project Method helps them learn to read more carefully and write more clearly.

DBQ and Equity

Who should DBQ?  See what district leaders say about using DBQs with students of all abilities.

Literature Mini Q’s

The DBQ Project is committed to helping teachers implement rigorous writing and thinking activities with students in social studies and literature.

Elementary Mini Q’s
What Makes It Work?

Check out this short video to see how district administrators think The DBQ Project approach helps teachers and their students.

Professional Development

Why is The DBQ Project’s onsite professional development worth your time and money? See what district leaders have to say.

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