Mini-Qs in Louisiana History

Mini-Qs in Louisiana History

Ten High-Interest Units of Study

Mini-Q Topics for Louisiana History

  • How Did the Mississippi River Shape Louisiana’s Early History?
  • What Drove the Acadians to Louisiana?
  • The Louisiana Territory: Would You Have Supported the Purchase?
  • Why Was the Battle of New Orleans a Watershed Event for the United States?
  • How Free Were Free People of Color in Louisiana?
  • Why Did Louisianians Join the Confederate Fight in the Civil War?
  • From Plessy to Ruby: How Did Black Louisianians Resist Jim Crow Segregation?
  • Huey Long: Would You Have Voted for “The Kingfish”?
  • What Was Louisiana’s Most Significant Contribution to the WWII War Effort?
  • Hurricane Katrina: Why Did So Many People Die?

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