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Our workshops help districts provide the sustained support teachers need to help their students be successful. The DBQ Project is committed to helping teachers accelerate their students at a pace everyone can understand. Students need strong reading and communication skills to succeed personally, in school, and at work. 21st century teachers need information and support to boost critical thinking skills and close racial and socio-economic gaps in student achievement.

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1. Introductory Workshop (Full Day)

The Introductory Workshop is designed to empower educators new to The DBQ Project with the confidence to foster interactive and inquiry-based classrooms. Teachers will experience The DBQ Project’s 6-Step Method, helping them structure lessons to engage students in critical thinking, deep analysis of primary and secondary sources, and evidence-based writing techniques. If districts are DBQ Online partners, teachers will be introduced to the cutting-edge DBQ Online platform, an award winning teaching tool that helps scaffold and differentiate the learning for all students. By the end of this program, teachers will be well-prepared to create dynamic, inquiry-driven classrooms where students are not just consumers of history and literature but active thinkers, writers, and investigators.

Note: We recommend full-day introductory workshops. However, if time allows for only a half-day, teachers will leave with an excellent understanding of DBQ Online features and The DBQ Project’s 6-Step Method, but may need another half-day intro to master the basics.

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2. Follow-up Workshop (Full Day)

The Follow-up Workshop will build upon teachers own experiences in teaching the DBQ. Specifically, educators will dive deeper into each of the 6-Steps of The DBQ Project Method. They will leave with concrete strategies for developing targeted reading instruction, fostering academic conversations, enhancing writing skills, and tailoring DBQ Online engagement. The workshop will also help teachers and districts develop effective feedback and scoring techniques around student writing. The overall goal is to provide the support and confidence educators need to effectively utilize the DBQ Project 6-Step Method, ultimately empowering students to become more proficient writers.

Note: We recommend the Follow-up workshop to be a full day. However, if time only allows for a half-day or less, teachers can go further in a targeted way with The 6-Step Method and the DBQ Online platform, but may need more sessions to get the depth of the full-day follow-up.

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3. Targeted Skills Training (60-90 minutes)

These 60-90 minute Targeted Skill Trainings take a slice of DBQ instruction and go deep. These are meant for teachers who have gone through the Introductory and Follow-up Workshops, and are now ready to hone their craft even further. These sessions will again focus on reading strategies, dialogue-based instruction, writing techniques, and DBQ Online implementation. If schools only have limited time for their traditional follow-up trainings, these Targeted Skill Trainings can advance the effort in a chunked way, but teachers may need several of these sessions to master the follow-up work and the more advanced strategies we offer.

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4. Overview of DBQ Online and The DBQ Project Method (1-hour virtual)

These sessions are offered to DBQ Online partner districts at no charge. Teachers will leave understanding the features of DBQ Online and how to get students into the system, build classes, and provide feedback to students. While walking through the platform, teachers will also be exposed The DBQ Project 6-Step Method in an abbreviated way.

Note: This session is designed for districts new to DBQ Online and who need a quick overview to get teachers started. Schools/Districts that invest in a more extended DBQ Introductory Workshop do not need this overview session as it is covered in our Intro training.

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