Follow-up Workshop (Full Day)

The Follow-up Workshop will build upon teachers own experiences in teaching the DBQ. Specifically, educators will dive deeper into each of the 6-Steps of The DBQ Project Method. They will leave with concrete strategies for developing targeted reading instruction, fostering academic conversations, enhancing writing skills, and tailoring DBQ Online engagement. The workshop will also help teachers and districts develop effective feedback and scoring techniques around student writing. The overall goal is to provide the support and confidence educators need to effectively utilize the DBQ Project 6-Step Method, ultimately empowering students to become more proficient writers.

Note: We recommend the Follow-up workshop to be a full day. However, if time only allows for a half-day or less, teachers can go further in a targeted way with The 6-Step Method and the DBQ Online platform, but may need more sessions to get the depth of the full-day follow-up.

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