Introductory Workshop (Full Day)

The Introductory Workshop is designed to empower educators new to The DBQ Project with the confidence to foster interactive and inquiry-based classrooms. Teachers will experience The DBQ Project’s 6-Step Method, helping them structure lessons to engage students in critical thinking, deep analysis of primary and secondary sources, and evidence-based writing techniques. If districts are DBQ Online partners, teachers will be introduced to the cutting-edge DBQ Online platform, an award winning teaching tool that helps scaffold and differentiate the learning for all students. By the end of this program, teachers will be well-prepared to create dynamic, inquiry-driven classrooms where students are not just consumers of history and literature but active thinkers, writers, and investigators.

Note: We recommend full-day introductory workshops. However, if time allows for only a half-day, teachers will leave with an excellent understanding of DBQ Online features and The DBQ Project’s 6-Step Method, but may need another half-day intro to master the basics.

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