NEW Mini-Qs in American History Vol. 1 (Units 13-24): Teacher Resource Binder

Twelve High-Interest Units of Study

  • The Cahokians: What Do We Know?
  • Was the Stamp Act Justified?
  • California Missions: How Did Native Americans Resist?
  • How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?
  • The Transatlantic Slave Trade: Who Was Most Responsible?
  • How Did the Cotton Gin Shape America’s Economy?
  • Would You Have Supported The Louisiana Purchase?
  • Why Did Women Go to Work in New England Textile Mills?
  • How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson?
  • The Trail of Tears: Why Were the Cherokee Removed?
  • What Is the Main Reason Seminole Resistance Was So Strong?
  • Was Sherman’s March to the Sea Justified?


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