Mini-Qs in Literature Vol. 2: Teacher Resource Binder

Ten High-Interest Units of Study

  • How Does The Great Gatsby Reflect America in the Twenties?
  • How Did Abolitionists Make the Case Against Slavery?
  • Lord of the Flies: What Is the “Beast”?
  • Immigration: Was It Worth It?
  • The Relationship Between Huckleberry Finn and Jim: How Does Huck See Jim?
  • Holocaust Writings: How Does One Say the Unspeakable?
  • The Crucible and McCarthyism: What Are the Parallels?
  • Meaning and Metaphor: What is Frost Saying?
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God: Was Wright Right?
  • Are Hamlet’s Actions Justified?


Teacher Resource Binder (Only)

ISBN: 978-0-9862289-0-2

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