Mini-Qs in California and American History for 4th and 5th grade: Teacher Resource Binder

Twelve High-Interest Units of Study

Mini-Q Topics for 4th Grade

  • Confined and Controlled: How Did California’s Mission Indians Resist?
  • The California Gold Rush: A Personal Journal
  • How Did the Transcontinental Railroad Change California?
  • Photographing Dust Bowl Migration and Japanese Internment: What Is Dorothea Lange Saying?
  • What Was the Primary Consequence of Building the Los Angeles Aqueduct?
  • Walt Disney or Steve Jobs: Who Should Be the Face of California?

Mini-Q Topics for 5th Grade

  • Why Did Isabella and Ferdinand Sponsor Columbus in 1492?
  • April 27, 1521: Was Magellan Worth Defending?
  • Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonists Die?
  • Money or Power: What was the Main Reason for the Boston Tea Party?
  • The Oregon Trail: Go or Stay Put?
  • What Types of Citizen Does a Democracy Need?


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