NEW Mini-Qs in American History Vol. 2 (Units 13-27): Teacher Resource Binder

Fifteen High-Interest Units of Study

  • The Chinese Exclusion Acts: What Lessons Can Be Learned?
  • Why Was Building the Panama Canal Such a Remarkable Achievement?
  • What Were the Underlying Causes of the Tulsa Race Massacre?
  • The Great Migration: A Personal Journal
  • What Caused the Great Depression?
  • Women in World War II: What Story Should Be Told?
  • Becoming a Bracero: Would You Sign On?
  • The Atomic Bomb: Did Truman Make the Right Decision?
  • From Allies to Enemies: Why Did the Cold War Begin?
  • How Did the Interstate Highway System Change America?
  • The Vietnam Draft: Comply, Avoid or Defy?
  • Acceptance or Activism: What is Stonewall’s More Significant Legacy?
  • Why Has the ERA Been Such a Battle?
  • Why Did the Cold War End?
  • What Were the Consequences of 9/11?


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