Open Workshops

Interested in Hosting an Open Workshop

Spring Virtual Workshops

Our open, virtual workshops help teachers become comfortable teaching The DBQ Project Method using DBQ Online. An emphasis is placed on close-reading and argument-writing strategies. Our PDs are interactive and will model document- and dialogue-based classrooms. Our 2021 focus is to help teachers with remote or hybrid-learning needs and to assist students who have experienced learning loss due to the pandemic. For more details on the workshops, dates, and registration, click here.

DBQ Online Self-Paced Courses

These self-paced courses familiarize teachers with The DBQ Project Method. Teachers will learn how to make the DBQ process engaging and powerful for students. Participants will work through the steps of The DBQ Project Method at their own pace, pausing to reflect and practice along the way. For more details and registration information, click here.

DBQ Lead Bootcamp

For Educators who have experience teaching with DBQ Online AND who have attended a Day 1 Introductory Workshop or completed a self-paced DBQ 101 Course, check out our DBQ Lead Bootcamp.