Democratizing the DBQ: Evidence-Based Writing in Social Studies and Literature

Hominy, OK: March 14, 2019

Document-based questions are for everyone! Teaching students how to closely read sources to build evidence-based oral and written arguments is at the core of teaching students to think critically. The DBQ Project is now writing lessons across the curriculum! Our new Elementary-Q binder has lessons for students in grades 3-5. Our literature binders help students examine classic works of literature as well as nonfiction topics. We now have lessons in geography, economics, and civics as well as our more well-known history materials. Come see what is new or learn what this is all about for the first time!
This interactive workshop will focus on motivating students to work through analyzing documents and writing an evidence-based essay using The DBQ Project’s 6-Step Method. Participants choose to use our DBQ Online interactive platform, our print materials, or both during the workshop. Emphasis is on boosting rigor without sacrificing student engagement and using DBQs with students of all ages and ability levels. Teachers will receive a sample unit from The DBQ Project and a test account for DBQ Online.

The purchase of DBQ binders and/or a DBQ Online subscription is encouraged but not required. Participants will receive a sample lesson to use and adapt for classroom use.

Intended Audience:
3-12 Grade Teachers

Osage County Interlocal Cooperative
207 East Main Hominy, OK 74034
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