DBQ Lead Bootcamp: Summer 2021



Become a DBQ Lead for your school or district!

As a DBQ Lead, you will be able to support teachers in using The DBQ Project resources. In particular, participants leave the course able to:

  • Facilitate discussions about the rationale and best practices using The DBQ 6-Step Method and DBQ Online.
  • Demonstrate and model advanced features of DBQ Online including writing scaffolds, managing student work, and providing feedback.
  • Identify instructional and learning gaps in order to provide feedback and intervention strategies.
  • Build capacity and maintain a culture of inquiry within a classroom and across grade levels.
  • Know where to reach out for support from DBQ (DBQ Library and PD Videos, Contact Info for Leads and Tech Support)

Prerequisites for Attending DBQ Lead Bootcamp

  • Day 1 Introductory Workshop or completion of a self-paced DBQ 101 Course*
  • Experience teaching with DBQ Online

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Intended Audience:
Please note the prerequisites

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