Testing My Thesis

By Jackie Migliori of The DBQ Project On any given evening during my undergraduate studies at the University of Florida, I would receive an invitation to spend the evening at that campus’s favorite hang-out, the…

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Message from The DBQ Project Co-Founders

Why The DBQ Project? Why Now? As state and national assessments move towards evidence-based responses, teachers need appropriate models of curriculum and instruction now. We believe it is unfair to raise the bar on teachers…

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Teacher Spotlight: Cory Hentzen

We had the pleasure of speaking with Cory Hentzen about her advice teaching DBQ. Cory teaches at Andre Agassi College Prep in Las Vegas, Nevada. Describe your experiences teaching with DBQ. Student engagement is definitely…

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Teacher Spotlight: St. Lucie County, Florida

    We recently had the privilege of speaking with this amazing team from Florida: Mandy Rowland, K-12 District Literacy Support Kirstie Lickliter, K-12 District Literacy Support Kate Ems, K-12 District Social Studies Support What is your…

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The DBQ and Close Reading

By Mollie Hackett, The DBQ Project In classrooms across the country, a new emphasis is being placed on engaging students in “close reading.”  The goal is to create students who read with a critical eye,…

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Teacher Spotlight: Steven Foster

We had the pleasure of talking to Steven Foster about his experience with DBQ. Steve teaches 7th grade Ancient World History at McAuliffe International School in the Denver Public Schools. Why Does The DBQ Project…

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Why Are Good Questions So Important?

By Beth Montgomery, The DBQ Project Identifying bad questions is often easier than identifying good ones.  “Read Chapter 3, Section 2 and answer the questions that follow” is not an inspiring question. “Explain What Happened…

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Investing in The DBQ Project Makes Sense

By Mark Quinlivan, Social Studies Coordinator Laramie County School District #1,  Cheyenne, WY   Testing and accountability have put a tremendous amount of pressure on the teachers in our district. Our state test does not…

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Building Sustainability: A “Mentor” Coaching Model

By Don Azevada Elk Grove Unified School District History Program Specialist and TAH Project Director The Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD), the largest school district in Northern California, has formally been associated with The…

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