Getting the Argument in Writing

Monet Webster, 6th grade teacher, Belleville, IL


Yesterday I came back to my class and implemented the Guided Essay on the Free Blacks in the North DBQ. It went PHENOMENALLY!!! The students were so relieved to have a guide, and we had a very good discussion about argument vs evidence and the difference between them. I immediately did a rainbow edit with them, and that went just as well! They know what to look for, and I used the term making the paper “bleed.”  They loved it! I made argument “blue” so I told them I want 3 red to 2 blue. If it does not look like that then they need to add. It completely changed their confidence and approach to writing altogether.

Next DBQ I will give the doc packet and guided essay together so they can analyze, argue, then write in the guided essay!

Thank you so much! I cannot use enough exclamation points!!!!


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